Five free online dictionaries

Do you ever feel uneasy that the word you’re using isn’t quite what you mean? Do you doubt that you’ve spelled a word correctly, even though it passes the spell check test? Here are five free online dictionaries just waiting to help:

  1. The Merriam Webster Dictionary, which also provides you with a good thesaurus, links to word games, an audio pronunciation tool, and a toolbar you might want to install if you’re obsessed with checking words.
  2., which also has a thesaurus, word games and lists of idioms and phrases that use the word of interest to you.
  3. sells a number of software products designed to help improve your writing. The website also offers a simple, functional dictionary.
  4. Onelook Dictionary searches multiple dictionary databases to give you a list of definitions from which to choose. The site also has a reverse dictionary; you enter a concept you’re trying to communicate, and it suggests words that might be useful to you.
  5. Webster’s Online Dictionary has some really nice tools, including a thesaurus, a rhyming dictionary, translation into many languages, an online pronunciation guide named Eve, and a tool to find how your word of interest has been used in quotations by famous people.

Take a look at each site and then decide which one works best for you.  J9WDC3ZWEKGY

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