What do you value? Look at your calendar

Kevin Warren organizes his life around a simple but great idea. Warren, president of the U.S. Solutions Group for Xerox Corp., received the Excellence in Communication Leadership Award earlier this year from the International Association of Business Communicators. He’s interviewed in the latest issue of IABC’s magazine, Communication World. (This link will get you to the interview, but you’ll need an IABC membership username and password to read it.)

Warren has a lot of good things to say about the importance of communication and how to do it effectively in a large organization. It’s what he said about making it a priority, however, that caught my eye:

“The challenge for any executive is managing your calendar. There are so many things competing for your time. What makes it on your calendar shows what you value. So we schedule it (communication time), and we make sure we have regular cadence for the different venues in which we’ll communicate.”

Which raises the question, what makes it on your calendar? (Or do you even keep a calendar?) How’s your balance of work, learning, family and friend time, recreation, exercise and sleep?

If you use it well, a calendar can be a great tool for working your way toward a future of achievement and satisfaction. It also can be a record of where you came from and how you arrived where you are today. If you take charge of it, instead of going with the flow each day, it can make a big difference in who you are and where you’re headed.

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