Grammar Friday

Today’s two grammar tips:

  • Never use the words “reason” and “why” in the same sentence, as in, “The reason why I was late is that I missed the bus.” The reason is the why, so it’s redundant to say “the reason why ….” Just say, “The reason I was late is that I missed the bus.” If you feel you need a word to follow “reason,” use “that,” which introduces essential clauses. You can also convey the same thought with fewer words: “I was late because I missed the bus.”
  • If something is ironic, it’s the opposite of what is expected, appropriate or fitting. It would be ironic if a center for the disabled had no wheelchair access ramp. It’s interesting and amusing, but not ironic, that George W. Bush is right-handed and a Republican and Bill Clinton is left-handed and a Democrat.

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2 Responses to Grammar Friday

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  2. Alex C says:

    One of my grammatical pet peeves is the use of the word irregardless. The correct word to use is regardless, as in, “Regardless of whether I’ve more work to do, at 5 o’clock my weekend begins.”

    Have a good weekend, Peter.

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