The world’s most overlooked singer-songwriter

I haven’t found many people who share my enthusiasm for Justin Currie. Odds are you don’t know his name, but you may know one or two of his songs.

Currie performs alone now, but he first enjoyed some modest success as the founder and driving force behind Del Amitri, the Scottish band best known for its ’90s hit Roll to Me. I could have used that song as the sample video above but chose not to. It’s a great song, I think, but not typical of Currie’s more brooding, introspective work.

It’s that brooding quality that may be holding him back. If all you’re looking for in music is catchy, upbeat, danceable material, Currie may not be for you.

But if you like great lyrics, great melodies and music that turns you inside for a bit, Currie’s your man. I’ve read that Currie sets the bar high for himself, intentionally releasing only songs that he believes could stand musically beside the best of Neil Young, Paul Simon and Lennon-McCartney. He generally passes the test.

You might start exploring Currie’s music with Be My Downfall, which shows the tension of a young man committed to one woman but drawn toward another. “Be my downfall, be my great regret, be the one girl that I’ll never forget. Be my undoin’, be my slow road to ruin, tonight.” In just a few words, you understand that one side of him really wants to fight temptation, but in all likelihood, he’s going to lose the battle.

If you enjoy really well-crafted music, check him out.

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3 Responses to The world’s most overlooked singer-songwriter

  1. Larry says:

    Totally agree Peter. He himself admits he’s been writing the same song over and over since he was 14…but it was a hell of a good song, so why change. 🙂

    Another overlooked songwriter. Neil FInn

    • Peter Faur says:

      Thanks for your comment, Larry. I have to admit, I’m not familiar with Neil. I’ll remedy that right away, though.

      I was in Nashville last month and visited the Bluebird Cafe, where singer-songwriters regularly perform. I was very impressed with the four I saw – Carey Ott, Rose Falcon, Dylan Altman and Eric Paslay. Keep an eye on them; they’re already accomplished, and I think you’ll hear a lot more from them.

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