Grammar Friday

Today’s two grammar tips:

  • Purists (I count myself among them) cringe when they hear the noun “impact” used as a verb, as in, “How will this impact our sales?” It appears that there’s no turning back from such widespread abuse at this point, but you should know that “impact” is, strictly speaking, a noun and only a noun. The less pretentious word “affect” is the verb you want, as in, “How will this affect our sales?” Purists seem to be losing impact on this argument, as nearly as I can tell.
  • The worst of the new “nouns as verbs,” I think, is “parent,” as in, “You have to parent your children well, or they’ll turn out poorly.” You can raise your children well, you can be a good parent, but I don’t want to hear that you’re parenting your children. OK?
  • BONUS TIP (or bonus rant): On the other front – verbs as nouns – I think the worst new word is “learnings,” as in, “What learnings can we take away from this situation?” The word you want is “lessons,” not “learnings.”

For a more comprehensive look at the misuse of nouns as verbs, check out the “soyouwanna” website. (A hat tip to Lary Huls for suggesting this topic.)

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2 Responses to Grammar Friday

  1. Andrew Flynn says:

    Going the other way, the use of verbs as nouns has to be even more off-putting. “We’re going into the meeting with several ‘asks’.” or “Here is our list of asks.” Cringe-worthy.

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