Craftsmanship in the Bay Area

Multilayered deck with dining area

I’ve been fortunate to keep many of my friends for decades. Forty years ago, Lary Huls and I returned from our internships in New York to our Lutheran college in Illinois. I learned from that internship that I wasn’t cut out for elementary school teaching; I quickly found new life by editing my college newspaper, getting a master’s in journalism and moving into a career in journalism and public relations.

Lary hung in with education for a few more years after graduation, until it got the better of him. He then spent a number of years in health care, until it got the better of him. Along the way, he learned aesthetic pruning, horticulture, design and construction. He completed classes in pruning, did a year-long internship and began doing designs and installations. He studied Japanese joinery and traditional stonework with individual teachers. He also trained in Aikido for 13 years.

Stone patio, wall and steps

During our senior year of college, we were roommates. Since that time, we’ve remained friends. I can tell you without reservation that if you ever need someone to get you through the Apocalypse, call Lary, not me. He has far more to bring to the table.

Today he’s a great craftsman, building some of the best residential wooden structures in the Bay Area. As you’ve probably learned, solid, professional craftsmanship is hard to come by. Study these pictures of Lary’s work (click on them to enlarge), and if you’re in the Bay Area, remember his name. He can help you make your dream home a reality.

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