Wrap rage a vexing problem

My nomination for the worst “innovation” of the past decade? Hard-plastic clamshell packaging.

There is nothing more frustrating, and sometimes dangerous, than trying to open hard-plastic packaging. The rationale is that sometimes products must be difficult to open to protect children, for example, or to stop thievery and shoplifting. Difficult is one thing, however, next to impossible is quite another.

A few years ago, in a rare tongue-in-cheek moment, Consumer Reports initiated the Oyster Awards for products with the hardest-to-open packaging.

If you’re confronted with hard-plastic packaging, don’t resort to razor blades, ice picks or boxcutters; you’re only courting injury. It looks as though the packaging is here to stay, so you might as well invest in a pair of tin snips or medical trauma shears.

Do you have any harrowing stories to tell about close encounters with wrap rage? Let me know.

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2 Responses to Wrap rage a vexing problem

  1. JLWatsonConsult says:

    Peter, thanks for posting your thoughts about this on-line.

    Don’t those Chief Customer Officers know that their customers’ lives are being made miserable by the way they package our products?

    And thanks for the practical tip on the tin snips! Perhaps all companies that use that hellacious plastic packaging will start branding their own line of tin snips, and distribute them as part of a customer loyalty program!

    Best regards,

    Jim Watsonhttp://bit.ly/eiitzg

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