Vermisoks – one step toward sustainability

Urban Farm & Vermisoks:

Last week I had the opportunity to hear Miguel Jardine talk about his invention, Vermisoks. Miguel started studying hunger and sustainability issues about six years ago. One day, he told a friend, “Somebody has to do something about these problems,” to which his friend replied, “Well, you’re somebody.”

Miguel, an engineer by training, decided to try to develop a solution that would be simple to use, scalable and sustainable. He came up with Vermisoks – mesh tubes filled with coconut husks and earthworms. Miguel developed a compound to feed the worms, which he calls worm wine. As the worms interact with the husks and the wine, they create a rich compost that can be used to grow almost anything.

Check out his website and the video above. Miguel is quite a visionary, imagining urban gardens on vacant lots tended by homeless people. He sees a day when homegrown delicacies can be used by local restaurants to create unique dishes and rich dining experiences.

We need more people like Miguel. He saw a problem and took personal responsibility for it. He’s finding a way to help countless people as he pursues his dream.

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