SOS: Tigers desperately need your help

The world’s wild tiger population has dropped by 95 percent in the past decade. That’s not a typo. For every 100 tigers that existed 10 years ago, only five exist today, and perhaps even fewer. The Sumatran tiger is almost gone in the wild; only 300 exist today.

What can you do? There are two good organizations seeking your support. The first is ZSL London Zoo, which is a leader in trying to save tigers. You can learn about its efforts, and donate to them, here.

The second is Save Tigers Now, a program sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund and heavily supported by Leonardo DiCaprio. Learn about it here.

A world without tigers is unimaginable but inevitable if we don’t act to reverse the trend. I hope you’ll join me in supporting one of these programs. (I support the WWF program, but both are worthy.)

Let me know if you join the effort. Thanks.

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