Weiner’s actions were just dumb

The only surprise about Anthony Weiner’s announcement yesterday was that it took so long for him to admit the truth. As I said last week, we would learn quickly that he either was lousy at handling his crisis, or he tweeted the unfortunate photo that got him in trouble. In fact, both were true.

Nearly 30 years ago, in my first corporate job, there was a high-ranking official in the company I worked for who was making a fool of himself over a woman half his age. My boss at the time told me, very simply: “There’s a lesson for you. Never let your libido run your business.”

Rudy Giuliani in drag, circa 2000

That principle continues to be true, especially in an age in which transgressions and missteps come to light so easily. I suppose Weiner convinced himself that none of his tweeting, texting and messaging would be revealed by those on the receiving end. He tripped himself up, of course, by sending a public Tweet when he meant to send a direct message. Inevitably, though, his activities would have come to light sooner or later, complete with his own self-generated documentation.

Is his career ruined? Only time will tell. I suppose if Rudy Giuliani can continue to be taken seriously after appearing in drag, there’s hope for Weiner. From now on, however, he needs to remember not to let his libido run his business.

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