When it comes to beer, high touch is better than high tech

A few years ago, Coors started touting its cold-activated bottles for Coors Light. Then it followed up with cold-activated cans. The idea is that when the beer is cold enough, the mountain images on the cans or bottles turn blue, just so you know.

Last year, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, in a rare “me too” maneuver, announced a similar plan for bottles of Busch Light.

It struck me at the time as a bit of technology overkill. I think we all know how to determine whether our beer is cold enough to suit us.

Apparently, the competition agrees and knows when to drum up a good spoof.

On the way to the Baltimore airport today, I saw a Heineken billboard with a simple message: “There are 10 ways to tell if our beer is cold. They’re called fingers.”

Then I found the video above on line. Hilarious!

Sometimes technology can be pushed a little too far. Maybe Coors and A-B should have chilled out a bit before coming up with this round of marketing magic.

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