Infographic: Who owns what you watch on TV?

Thanks to for this infographic. It’s a good look at the modern TV business landscape. Click on it to get a better look.


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2 Responses to Infographic: Who owns what you watch on TV?

  1. Jim says:

    Why isn’t Fox included?

    • Peter Faur says:

      Jim, good question, and I can’t answer directly because the infographic comes from I looked up the annual report for News Corp., which owns the Fox properties, and I can tell you that worldwide, Fox takes in revenue of about $23 billion from its TV operations. Here’s how the operations are described:

      Cable Network Programming , which principally consists of the production and licensing of programming distributed through cable television systems and direct broadcast satellite operators primarily in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

      Filmed Entertainment , which principally consists of the production and acquisition of live-action and animated motion pictures for distribution and licensing in all formats in all entertainment media worldwide, and the production and licensing of television programming worldwide.

      Television , which principally consists of the broadcasting of network programming in the United States and the operation of 27 full power broadcast television stations, including nine duopolies, in the United States (of these stations, 17 are affiliated with the FOX Broadcasting Company (“FOX”) and ten are affiliated with Master Distribution Service, Inc. (“MyNetworkTV”).

      Direct Broadcast Satellite Television , which consists of the distribution of basic and premium programming services via satellite and broadband directly to subscribers in Italy.

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