The world’s 25 most economically powerful cities

The Atlantic has started a new website,,  focused entirely on issues and opportunities presented by the world’s cities. I’d encourage you to make it part of your regular surfing day. As usual, the magazine is offering interesting, information-rich articles on this website, and you’ll learn a great deal about the problems cities face and some of the innovative solutions being tried throughout the world.

In a new article on the 25 most economically powerful cities, writer Richard Florida makes the point that cities, not nations, are the real economic engines of the world. American cities, for example, account for nearly 90 percent of U.S. economic output and 85 percent of the nation’s jobs.

I’d encourage you to read Florida’s article. Below is the list he offers. You’ll see that economic output is not the only criterion for ranking the cities. To learn more about how the ranking is done, read the article.

Surprisingly, despite all of Japan’s economic troubles over the past 20 years, Tokyo is the world’s strongest economic engine.

RankCityEconomic output
1Tokyo$1.2 trillion
2New York$1.1 trillion
3London$452 billion
4Chicago$460 billion
5Paris$460 billion
6Boston$290 billion
7Hong Kong$211 billion
8Osaka$341 billion
10 (tie)Washington, D.C.$218 billion
10 (tie)Seoul$299 billion
11Sydney$172 billion
12Toronto$209 billion
13Beijing$99 billion
14Madrid$188 billion
15Sao Paulo$225 billion
16Mexico City$315 billion
18 (tie)Melbourne$135 billion
18 (tie)Singapore$129 billion
19Montreal$120 billion
20Vancouver$79 billion
22 (tie)Vienna$93 billion
22 (tie)Shanghai$139 billion
23Buenos Aires$245 billion
25 (tie)Stockholm$49 billion
25 (tie)Dublin$76 billion

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