Attack on the Desert Botanical Garden?

No, actually it’s just one of David Rogers’s Big Bugs, in this case a praying mantis sculpture. (The Santa Claus hat is a nice touch!) The sculptures are on display throughout the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

The exhibit provides a look at insect predators, pollinators and beneficial critters. There are 11 of these bug sculptures scattered throughout the garden. Rogers has carefully created these creatures from fallen or found wood, cut saplings, twigs, raw branches, twine, bark and other natural materials. The sculptures weigh from 300 to 1,200 pounds and range from seven feet to 25 feet long.

You can learn more here. If you’re in Phoenix, drop by the Botanical Garden to see them. They’re more dramatic at night, so plan to see them by going to the garden’s Las Noches de Las Luminarias holiday event.

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