Three words you’ve been looking for

Sometimes you find yourself unable to come up with the word for something you see every day. Here are three you might find useful:

  • That little groove between your nose and the middle of your upper lip is called the philtrum. In Greek, the word means “love potion,” so the Greeks seemed to think the groove was a turn-on.
  • The reinforcement at the end of your shoelace is an aglet. It comes from the Latin word “acus,” meaning “needle.”
  • The symbol for infinity is called a lemniscate. It comes from a Latin word meaning “with hanging ribbons.”

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2 Responses to Three words you’ve been looking for

  1. Jo Michaels says:

    I was drilling these into my kids. They’re really gonna hate Wednesdays before too long… KIDDING! WRITE ON!

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