Humor Thursday

Noise to Signal Cartoon

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2 Responses to Humor Thursday

  1. Ray Colon says:

    Ha, this is funny to me because I use GoSquared, which has a live tab and a trend tab. When I’m signed onto the live dashboard, it’s fun to see where visitors are located, how they arrived (Twitter, Facebook, Google), how they work their way through the site, how long they spend on each page, etc. My daughter calls it stalking, but I think that it’s harmless (but habit forming) fun.

    • Peter Faur says:

      Thanks, Ray. I use StatCounter, which provides a lot of the same information. Yes, it can be addictive!

      Thanks also for your previous comments on the new look of my site. I hadn’t planned to do it, but my theme provider made some changes that made it necessary. I’m glad you find the new look easier to read.

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