Knives kill more than guns in the U.S.? Just not true

As the public debate over extending background checks for gun purchases unfolded last week, I saw a statement on Facebook that knives are used more than guns each year in homicides. That didn’t ring true, so I did some research. The statistics below are from the FBI’s website. Go here to see them for yourself. To see the whole list below at once, use the drop-down menu and select “Show 25 entries.” (There are only 20 rows, so that’s all you’ll see.)

It still seems reasonable to me to require a background check when someone wants to purchase a gun. It’s not a cure-all measure, and it won’t stop someone hellbent on homicide, but it could deter some people and slow others down. A reported 90 percent of Americans see this as a common-sense step. How about you? (Thoughtful comments are welcome. Thoughtful rants, even. But nothing outside the borders of good taste!)

Homicide Victims by Weapon, 2007-2011
Total firearms:10,1299,5289,1998,8748,583
Other guns11681969397
Firearms, type not stated1,7051,8251,8281,9331,587
Knives or cutting instruments1,8171,8881,8361,7321,694
Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.)647603623549496
Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.)1869875817769728
Other weapons or weapons not stated1,005999904872853
1 Pushed is included in personal weapons.

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