Deep White Cover – a great summer read

Deep White Cover by Joel W Barrows

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deep White Cover is a gripping first novel by author Joel Barrows. He’s a district judge in Iowa and a former federal prosecutor, so he brings a wealth of insider information to his story of ATF undercover agent Dave Ward.

Ward’s mission is to infiltrate a Texas-based white supremacy group hellbent on protecting the southern U.S. border and keeping Central and South American immigrants – legal and illegal – from flooding America and taking over the country.

A subplot follows Jacob Meade, a white supremacist turned witness who is in the witness protection program. Meade’s growth from alien-hater to something more human is a nice piece of character development.

The Office of the President gets woven in as well, and the climax of the book hinges on a plot to bring the president down.

This is a great summer read, and it couldn’t be more timely.

Go here to learn more and buy the book: Deep White Cover

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