Radio, a visual medium

As a native Missourian, I have a keen interest in the devastation caused earlier this week by the massive tornado in Joplin. I looked at many of the major media websites in the state – newspapers, TV and radio – to learn more about what happened and how the city and state are dealing with the aftermath. Some of the best images I saw were on the website of radio station KMOX in St. Louis.

This reinforced for me the idea that radio has become a visual medium. Not the actual broadcast, of course. But radio stations are now in the website business just like their media counterparts, and they have to compete with visual as well as aural content.

For anyone trying to pitch a story, the lesson is obvious. Make sure radio stations know of any visual content you can offer that will play on their websites. Show that you understand they’re fighting for arresting images, too, and give them what they need to make a good online story presentation. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and your odds of placing your story should increase substantially.

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