Old Lutheran shows you can make a market of just about anything

About a decade ago, I first learned about Old Lutheran, a website devoted to providing “unique products and services that help our customers express their Lutheran identity.” You might not think there’s much of a market for this, but you’d be wrong!

As an old Lutheran myself, I’ve bought several items from Old Lutheran over the years, most memorably the Martin Luther Bobble Head Doll shown at right. Martin has helped me make a lot of decisions. When in doubt, I give him a touch, determine whether he’s nodding yes or no, and make my decision accordingly. Somehow, it seems more righteous than the Ouija board or the Magic 8 ball.

I’ve watched the site grow with the times. Today the folks at Old Lutheran are on Twitter (@oldlutheran, of course) and Facebook. They have some participatory activities on their site, encouraging people to use their Martin Luther bobble heads like the Travelocity gnome, sending in Martin bobble head pictures from around the world. (This feature doesn’t seem to work too well, but it’s a nice idea anyway. It could be that most old Lutherans can’t figure out how to upload their photos.) They have their own online version of MadLibs, in which you fill in words and names and create your own Lutheran story.

I appreciate the site for its passion, creativity and sense of humor. It’s privately owned, so there’s no way to tell how much it takes in every year. I know it’s gotten some of my money over the years. One of these days, I’ll get up off my duff and order the “Left Behind” shorts you see on the left.

Even if you’re not Lutheran or religious, check out the site. You might find something to make you laugh, and you might learn a thing or two about highly targeted, well-executed marketing.

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