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Sep 05, 2013 - traackr.com - 3173
Traackr Influencer Marketing Blog

Articles and ebooks on influencer marketing, how to find influencers, influencer engagement and outreach and more social media marketing tips.

Oct 03, 2014 by Shannon Wu - neoreach.com - 3168

NeoReach provides premier quality content on influencer marketing. NeoReach allows bloggers and influencers to share brands, content and products they love. With insights from both top influencers and marketers alike, NeoReach is a go-to site for deep dives into influencer marketing.

Sep 05, 2013 - dannybrown.me - 3445
Danny Brown

The data we monitor today can often be hiding the real data we can use tomorrow. It's going to take experimentation and respecting, as well as garnering the respect of, the people we're monitoring to start the process.

Sep 05, 2013 - senseimarketing.com - 3207
Sensei Marketing -

Socrates once said "education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel" and that's our guiding principle, to kindle the flames of discussion and debate around business strategy, operations and leadership. We share specific points of view by experienced business analysts with the sole intent of starting conversations, not ending them.

Feb 08, 2015 by Chris Benksen - freshmail.com - 2927
Email marketing blog - FreshMail.com
Be on the lookout. There are things out there that can reduce your email marketing efforts to nothing but a pile of wasted keystrokes and bandwidth. These five culprits could kill your email marketing strategy. Here is a brief description of them and some information on how you can keep them from thwarting your plans.
Sep 05, 2013 - op-ed.ca - 3043
Op Ed Marketing

Op Ed Marketing is a Digital Agency that helps businesses #ATTRACT #CONVERT and #KEEP Customers. Follow for Marketing Tips, Tricks, News & High Fives!

Sep 05, 2013 - influencemarketingbook.com - 3285
Influence Marketing Blog - Influence Marketing: The Book

The official blog of Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing. Blog about influence marketing.

Sep 05, 2013 - innetwork.net - 3209
InNetwork -

The influencer network for marketers

Sep 05, 2013 - ronsela.com - 2925
Ron Sela

Online influence optimization provides companies and individuals with an opportunity to maximize their benefits from online presence and social media

Sep 05, 2013 - onalytica.com - 3324
Blog - Onalytica

Onalytica's ranking of the top 200 most influential economics blogs was mentioned today in the New York Times, and by none other than the 2008 Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Paul Krugman. We publish the rankings of economics blogs on our website...

Sep 05, 2013 - damniwish.com - 3324
Andy Sernovitz | Damn, I Wish I'd Thought of That!

Here's a guest post Steven Leveen, CEO and co-founder of Levenger, wrote for our WordofMouth.org project. Check it out for more great word of mouth marketing tips like this every day. It's gratifying to be able to communicate with customers instantaneously. They comment on your blog and you reply.

Sep 05, 2013 - tribaling.com - 3723
Tribaling blog

Anyone can be an influencer. People no longer need to own a TV station to make their voice heard, and neither do they need to be particularly conscious about their social magnetism. Influencers simply have 'it', a social currency that makes them look good to others. People trust influencers to show the way.

Sep 05, 2013 - marismith.com - 3406
Blog | MariSmith.com

Proven ways to market your business on social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. Mari shares shortcuts, tips, tools, strategies, tutorials.

Sep 05, 2013 - likeable.com - 2924
Likeable Media - A Social Media and Word of Mouth Marketing Firm

By Dylan O'Shea When most companies think of capitalizing on YouTube they think "How do we make a video that goes viral?" While this may seem like the obvious way to get your brand noticed by the millions of people who watch YouTube video's daily, there is another approach that does more than just gain views.

Sep 05, 2013 - influencermarketingreview.com - 2963
Influencer Marketing Review

"[T]the importance of audience measurement and data for influencer marketing is the same as that to television, radio or digital marketing. This data is key to matching the message, the product, service or brand, to the correct audience, in hopes of influencing consumer behavior within that audience."

Sep 05, 2013 - memarketingservices.com - 3723
ME Marketing Services, LLC

Social Media Marketing for the Professional. Social Media Consulting. Social Media Management. Social Media Coaching. Social Media Training. Social Media in Statesboro, Georgia.

Sep 05, 2013 - blog.kred.com - 3645
Kred Blog

Recently I have been speaking with University and College students about influence, social media, social business and how to get hired using social. In each case I have been extremely humbled that they would want to have me into their class to present either in person, or via Skype.

Sep 05, 2013 - thedrewblog.com - 3243
The Drew Blog

RENEGADE THINKING from the CEO of Renegade, the social media & marketing agency that helps clients make more out of less by transforming communications into "Marketing as Service."

Jun 03, 2014 by Kate Miller - hireinfluence.com - 3606
HireInfluence Blog

Your inside source for the latest HireInfluence, AdvoWire, Social Media, and Influence Marketing news, tips, and trends.

Sep 05, 2013 - appinions.com - 3846
Blog | Appinions

If you're a busy marketing professional (aren't we all these days), you don't have a lot of time to spend figuring out who the right influencers are for your influence marketing program. We have an easy solution for you: get Appinions! (just kidding...kind of) Seriously, though, finding the right influencers is a difficult task, yet something [...]

Sep 05, 2013 - tapinfluence.com - 2883

The TapInfluence blog keeps you up to date about about influencer marketing, content marketing, blogging best practices and more.

Sep 05, 2013 - thepersonalbrandingblog.com - 3284
The Personal Branding Blog

William Arruda and the Preferred Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategists

Sep 05, 2013 - jureklepic.com - 3203
UNSPOKEN ~ Social Media

Lately I've focused on individuals who build influence through the effective use of social media. Today I'll talk about how Intel sets the standard for corporate social media excellence, using all manner of social media to engage its audience, inform, educate and build the brand.

Sep 05, 2013 - blog.peoplebrowsr.com - 3764
PeopleBrowsr Blog

At PeopleBrowsr, we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new type of social network - one you can build and maintain yourself. With public platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, brands and consumers are increasingly being encouraged to use them exclusively to connect and communicate.



Sep 05, 2013 - corp.izea.com - 2884

We are so beyond proud of our commander-in-chief Ted Murphy for making the Orlando Business Journal's 2013 list of the "Twenty Most-Influential Businessmen in Central Florida." In order to celebrate, we wanted to share what we love most about Ted: "Ted's morning 'Woohooooo' [...]

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