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FDR quotes for our time

If you’re following House of Cards, you know that Frank Underwood spent some time this season at the FDR Memorial in Washington. I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know there was an FDR Memorial. Reading up on it, I realized that he … Continue reading

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Note to candidates: Knock it off

Dear 2014 candidates (and ballot initiative sponsors) trying to win my vote: If you’ve bought advertising to try to woo me during the final days before election day, you’ve wasted your money. I’m an early voter, and I filled in … Continue reading

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Dark money, anonymous speech? You hold the answer

Ever since the Supreme Court ruled on Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission in 2010, we’ve seen an ever-increasing flow of “dark money” into local, state and federal elections. Well-heeled individuals and companies have been able to spend whatever amount of … Continue reading

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