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The street preacher

It’s been three years since I worked in downtown Phoenix. I work out of my home now, and while my wife and I are urban dwellers of sorts (we live about eight miles north of downtown), I don’t see the … Continue reading

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Near-record high say religion is losing influence in U.S.

I had a chance to return to my hometown, St. Louis, last month.While I was there, I took time to visit with Glynn Young, who writes one of my favorite blogs, Faith, Fiction, Friends. Glynn and I have known each … Continue reading

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A Twilight Zone lesson for Westboro Baptist Church

A couple of times in recent years, I’ve taught a course at my local congregation called “Theology from The Twilight Zone.” Since I was a kid, I’ve believed that Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone, was one of the premier moralists of his … Continue reading

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